Play-Doh- My Recreative Backpack

DescriptionMy backpack agers. Product DescriptionA perfect backpack for school or for traveling. Features a collection of creative material, including three tubes of Play - Doh. Product Specifications: Item Weight - 399 g Product Dimensions - 26.3 x 8 x 29 cm Item model number - more


Apollo Astronaut

1/8 Apollo astronaut Target Gender - boy Product Specifications: Item Weight - 494 g Product Dimensions - 35.1 x 21.2 x 8.2 cm Recommended age from manufacturer: 18 years and older Item model number - 189657 Model Number - 189657 Number of pieces - 24 Assembly required - more


BagLayla ‘

Bag Layla ‘ approx. 17 x 7 x 30 cm approx. 17 x 7 x 30 cm Product Specifications: Item Weight - 100 g Product Dimensions - 7 x 30 x 17 cm Age recommended by the manufacturer: 3 years and older Reference ID - 6829 Language - German Brand: HSL Item number: 8216 Il more


4m Make A Prima Ballerina Doll

Build this kit with an adorable ballerina doll. Give it a name and write it on the birth certificate. It will be a wonderful playmate. PACKAGE CONTENTS: - Soft body doll 22 cm. , Wool - Ribbon, lace, coloring pencils, pipe cleaners, beads - Silver laces, line, model for the more


Kits Cowboy Hat

The little pirates will have a blast to assemble and wear cowboy hats in these magnificent sponge. The kit includes a hat sponge die-cut, self-adhesive and sequins. Diameter of 29 cm, adaptable to the head of most children. Product Specifications: Item Weight - 82 g Product more


A-Clay Savanna

A - Clay " Savanna “ Product Specifications: Item Weight - 499 g Product Dimensions - 29.4 x 26.4 x 5.6 cm Recommended age from manufacturer: 5 years and more Reference ID - 8453 Brand: HSL My tofu,s 2+ savanna clay creations more


Rocket 3d Foam Kit

Liftoff. Rockets three-dimensional sponge positioned vertically to fit and " launch". Each kit is easy to assemble and contains a model rocket sponge In addition to pre-cut and self-adhesive foam decorations, and instructions. 3 design.Dimensions - 35 cm. From the age of 5. Product more