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Crystals And Gems Package. Rhinestone Acrylic Transparent

by @ 7:38 pm on October 27, 2014. Filed under Crystals and Gems, Home and Kitchen


You will receive a package with 2500 pcs 2mm rhinestone stickers transparent Ab for the realization of tickets and other craft projects. Ideal for business and wedding scrapbooking.

Crystals and Gems Crystals and Gems Uk Package with 2500 pieces X 2Mm rhinestone acrylic transparent

  • Your perfect for craft projects and decorations
  • Versatile that add a touch of brightness
  • They are self adhesive and do not require glue
Brand: Crystals and Gems Uk
Item number: 2500

Crystals, Gems and Angels

Crystals, Gems and Angels

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