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Crystals And Gems Uk A4 Paper Worked With Metal Decorations In Relief 24 Sheets

by @ 7:17 pm on July 22, 2014. Filed under Crystals and Gems, Home and Kitchen

24 sheets of A 4 paper with machined metal working in relief with shiny effect. Each sheet is a different color, are included beautiful colors in shades of red, pink, cream, orange, sky blue, yellow, silver and so on. Each sheet has beautiful floral decorations in relief (as you can see in the photo). All are A 4 sheet or 29.5 cm x 20.9cm, and 70 gsm thick. These are ideal for any craft project including creation of tickets, scrapbooking and creating gift boxes.

Crystals and Gems UK A4 paper worked with metal decorations in relief, 24 sheets

  • A4 size with metal-working in – relief, 24 sheets
  • Each sheet has a resplendent floral work in relief
  • Each pack contains 24 sheets in different colors
  • 70 gsm thick
  • Perfect for scrapbookin high quality, creating tickets and other chores crafts
Brand: Crystals and Gems UK

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