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Crystals And Gems Uk X 3mm Gems Multicolored AbWith The Back Rhinestone Gems

by @ 6:41 pm on August 15, 2014. Filed under Crystals and Gems, Home and Kitchen

500 x 3mm round multicolored gems, b isogna only add the glue.
This ad is for a package with 500 gems 3mm flat with the back in assorted colors with a light rflesso type aurora boreal high quality, check Our feedback.
Every parcel has approx.10 different colors. These beautiful gems are easy to use and require just a little bit of glue to be attached wherever you want.
They can be used in several projects such as the creation of cards, scrapbooking, invitations, phone ipods, blackberrys, mirrors, clothes.
To customize your computer or ipod/your lipstick, wedding invitations, greeting cards. They can even be applied on the nails to decorate them, or on their heels.
It can be used for many purposes We offer the ability to combine multiple items into a single shipment

Crystals and Gems Uk 500 X 3Mm Gems multicolored Ab  with the back Rhinestone Gems

  • Each package contains approx.100 rhinestones
  • Estremamete versatile for any craft project
  • Give a touch of brilliance to your creations
Brand: Crystals and Gems Uk

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