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Do- It Kit From-You Create Cupcake Erasers

by @ 10:02 pm on June 28, 2014. Filed under Kawaii

Fuwa Fuwa dough create

Set do – it – yourselfer to create erasers shaped cookies, cupcakes, waffles and biscuits from Japan, produced by Kutsuwa

Do It Kit from you create cupcake erasers

  • Set do- it-yourselfer to create cookies, cupcakes, waffles and biscuits, not edible.
  • Charms for mobile phones, magnets, jewelry, etc, can also be used with erasers.
  • The modeling dough is very soft and is called ” Fuwa Fuwa clay” – ” Fuwa Fuwa ” in Japanese means ” soft like a cloud. ”
  • width – 10cm, height – 8.2 cm, depth – 10cm, 
  • 1) Insert the dough into the mold pressing well, 
  • 2) insert the dough molded into the box and add water  
  • 3) Place the box in the microwave for 2 to 5 minutes, 
  • 4) remove the hot water and add cold water to make the dough harden modeled

Do It Kit from you create cupcake erasers

Fuwa Fuwa Electronics cupcakes

and Fuwa Electronics cupcakes

Brand: Kawaii

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