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Kit Sweet Chocolatier Chocolates And Truffles From Japan

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1x mold chocolate truffles

Megahouse Konapun sets to achieve chocolates sweets and chocolate truffles

Kit Sweet Chocolatier Chocolates and truffles from Japan

  • Set do- it-yourselfer to make chocolate desserts, truffles and chocolates with design instructions with lots of photos (ONLY IN JAPANESE)
  • Great idea to make special desserts and chocolates, Manufactured by Megahouse, Imported from Japan, very good quality, cute design
  • Content – 1x pot with container to melt, 2x pens to decorate, 1x silicone baking pan, spatula 1x, 1x mold truffles, 1x mold with 9 cutters, 1x transparent sheet, 1x mold, etc.
  • width – 22cm, Height – 20cm, Depth – 14cm, the container can be put melt in the microwave, but none of the other components can be used in the microwave or in the oven
  • Instructions – Melt the chocolate in the bowl to blend with microoonde Or add boiling water in the pan and put the chocolate in the bowl to blend

Chocolates and truffles from Japan

Product Specifications:
  1. Item Weight – 558 g
  2. Age recommended by the manufacturer: 6 years and over

truffles chocolate desserts chocolate
chocolates chocolate truffles chocolate desserts chocolate

Brand: Kawaii

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