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Rock Paper Scissors Puchitto Kudamono Soda PopinCookin ‘

by @ 3:37 am on April 19, 2017. Filed under Kracie, Games and Toys

soft candy Kracie scissors

nice and soft candy Kracie Japan having the shape of the symbols of the game rock paper scissors

Rock paper scissors Puchitto Kudamono Soda Popin Cookin

  • Package with nice soft candy having the shape of hands with the symbols of the game rock paper scissors, taste – Soda
  • Produced by Kracie, imported from Japan, edible.
  • Content – 1 bag with various candies
  • Box size – width – 10cm, height – 15.5cm
  • Nice snack for kids and adults to play alone or with friends, fun idea for parties, ideal for children
Brand: Kracie
Item number: 8216

Puchitto Kudamono Rock Scissors Paper Soda Popin’ Cookin’

$ 4.66 Item Details »»

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