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X Punching Paper Kawaii Bow Hobby From Japan

by @ 11:55 am on August 31, 2014. Filed under Kawaii, Games and Toys

punch hobby

pretty punch for hobby, scrapbooking, scrapbook, paper creations, etc.

X punching paper kawaii bow hobby from Japan

  • Punching machine for paper in pretty shapes can also be used for cartoncinp shape – bow
  • Ideal for hobby and decorate greeting cards, scrapbooks, albums, gifts, gift packs, etc.
  • Imported from Japan, very good quality, cute fantasy
  • Size – height – 3cm, width – 2.5 cm, depth – 3cm, floc size – 0.6 cm
  • Easy to use, ideal for kindergarten, school and home

kawaii bow hobby from Japan

Product Specifications:
  1. Item Weight – 77 g
  2. Age recommended by the manufacturer: 6 years and over

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Brand: Kawaii

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