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DIY Kit Marshmallows Sea. Kracie Popin Cookin

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Popin Cookin create Kracie

DIY to create marshmallows with marine animals from Japan.

DIY Kit marshmallows sea Kracie Popin Cookin

  • DIY kit to create gummy candies, each set includes 4 molds such as dolphin, octopus, clams, swordfish, etc.
  • We can not know in advance which molds will be included in its package, produced by Kracie, imported from Japan, edible.
  • Popin Cookin is a series of DIY products that can be easily created by adding water to the ingredients contained in the box.
  • Content – box of ingredients to create candy and coloring, 1 fork, 1 pipette, 1 die, 1 card-stock.
  • Set size – width – 20cm, Height – 11cm, Depth – 3cm, illustrated instructions are included (see the video below), the mold can obviously be reused.
Brand: Kracie
Item number: 8216

Popin cookin – Oekaki Gummy Land

popin' cookin' #6 - Oekaki Gummy Land (Candy)

♡ Kracie Konchu Gumi Zukan

♡ Kracie Konchu Gumi Zukan ♡

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