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Kit Mousse Cupcake Pulp Glitter Japan

by @ 9:54 am on April 2, 2017. Filed under Kawaii, Games and Toys

Fuwa Fuwa cupcake mousse

Set do – it – yourselfer to create cupcakes and cookies with modeling clay mousse in Japan, produced by Kutsuwa

Kit mousse cupcake pulp glitter Japan

  • Set do- it-yourselfer to create cupcakes, cookies, decorations, fruit and leaves, not edible.
  • The modeling dough is very soft and is called ” Fuwa Fuwa clay” – ” Fuwa Fuwa ” in Japanese means ” soft like a cloud. “
  • Molds for various shapes – leaves, strawberry, biscuit and graceful character
  • Pasta mousse in white, pink, yellow and blue, 4 molds (cookies, cupcakes, character Fuwa Fuwa and leaves), squash pasta, glitter stones tweezers
  • width – 21.5 cm, height – 17cm, depth – 6.5 cm

mousse cupcake pulp glitter Japan

Product Specifications:
  1. Item Weight – 363 g
  2. Age recommended by the manufacturer: 6 years and over

toys Fuwa Fuwa cupcakes
Games toys Fuwa cupcakes

Brand: Kawaii

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